General Information:

Cadet College Esa Khel is a residential institution run on traditional Cadet College line. We are looking for pre-cadets who possess leadership qualaities, a positive personality, interest in sports/hobbies, good academci ability and genuine interest in joining defense forces. We accept a class of upto 113 students each year as per given detail

Open Merit: 90 Seats

Tehsil Esa Khel Quota: 15 Seats (With relaxation of Tution Fee)

Balochistan Quota: 02 Seats (With relaxation of Tution Fee)

Ex-FATA Quota: 01 Seat (With relaxation of Tution Fee)

AJK Quota: 01 Seat (With relaxation of Tution Fee)

Gilgit Baltistan: 01 Seat (With relaxation of Tution Fee)

Employee Son Quota: 03 Seats (With relaxation of Tution Fee)

2. Cadet College Esa Khel Mianwali emphasizes on physical, intellectual, moral and ethical values.  Cadet College follow the routine of leading Cadet Colleges. The Pre-Cadets are encouraged to attend the daily prayers, and our daily college schedule facilitate the Cadets for daily prayers. We celebrate all the major Islamic and national festivals also.

3. Pre- Cadets enter the college in class 8 and continues upto FSc. We accept applications only for entry into Class 8th, not at any lalter stage.


The Primary aim of Cadet College Esa Khel is to enable maximum growth and development of Pre- Cadets with emphasis on academic, moral and physcail grooming with a view of make them potential leaders of tomorrow.