Cadet College Esa Khel Mianwali is a residential institution. We have no day - scholars. The Cadets are accomodated in five houses.

1. Sir Syed House

2. Iqbal House

3. Jinnah House

4. Ghaznavi House

5. Babar House

Vice Principal also acts as a Senior House Master to maintain discipline and over all supervision of all houses. Each House is under charge of a House Master who is assisted by an Assistant House Master,  Physical Training Instructors & Sports Coaches. Each House also have a House Prefect and 02 Assistant House Prefects amongest the Cadets, who are the in-charge of various House activities.

Brief detail of all houses is as under:-

Sir Syed House:

House Motto                     : Justice & Merit

House Colour                   : Grey

House Master                  : Mr. Zaman, Department of Mathematics, Cell No.0304-2559355

Assistant House Master : Mr. Aftab Ahmad Solangi, Department of Computer Sc.  Cell No. 0330-3624780

House Prefect:  Cadet Haseeb Ullah GC No.87

Assistant House Prefects: Cadet Anees Ullah GC No.130, Cadet Khalid Farooq Khan GC No.194

Iqbal House:

House Motto                     : Conviction & Courage

House Colour                   : Yellow

House Master                  : Mr. Saeed Ullah Khan, Department of Computer Sc., Cell No.0302-7048287

Assistant House Master : Mr. Sajid Hussain, Department of Physics, Cell No.0346-3037289

House Prefect:  Cadet Shamsael Abbas GC No.39

Assistant House Prefects: Cadet Muhammad Arbaz Khan GC No.217, Cadet Fahad Saboor GC No.230


Jinnah House:

House Motto                     : I Can, I Will

House Colour                   : Green

House Master                  : Mr. Gulab Ali, Department of Islamic Studies,  Cell No. 03042559355

Assistant House Master : Mr. Rashid Hussain, Department of English, Cell No.0334-7930926

House Prefect:  Cadet Sohaib GC No. 67

Assistant House Prefects: Cadet Kashif Hameed GC No.122, Cadet Muhammad Muzammal GC No.227


Ghaznavi House:

House Motto                     : Serve With Valour

House Colour                   : Maroon

House Master                  : Mr Asif Shehzad, Department of Biology, Cell No.0304-8503449

Assistant House Master : Mr. Yasir Moiz Khan, Department of Computer Sc.,  Cell No. 0331-8789872

House Prefect:  Cadet Ali Hamaz Khan GC N0. 06

Assistant House Prefects: Cadet Sheher Yar GC No.124, Cadet Mansoor Khan GC No. 228


Babar House:

House Motto                     : Duty First

House Colour                   : Red

House Master                  : Mr. Muhammad Noman, Department of Biology, Cell No.0307-0645272

Assistant House Master : Mr Wali Dad, Department of English, Cell No.0345-3702436

House Prefect:  Cadet Muhammad Umair GC No. 21

Assistant House Prefects (Junior Sir Syed): Cadet Usama Waleed GC No. 153

Assistant House Prefects (Junior Ghznavi): Cadet Syed Hassan Jalal GC No. 151

Assistant House Prefects (Junior Jinnah): Cadet Muhmmad Mudassar GC No. 125

Assistant House Prefects (Junior Iqbal): Cadet Jalal Khan GC No. 119