Admission Fee Rs.5000/-
Building Fund Rs.5000/-
Education Fund Rs.5000/-
Security (Returnedable) Rs.15000/-
Total Rs.30,000/-
Class VIII
April,May,June Rs.54000/- (Per Month Rs.18000/-)
July,Aug,Sep Rs.40000/- (Mess Discount @ Rs.7000/-)
Oct,Nov,Dec Rs.54000/- (Per Month Rs.18000/-)
Jan,Feb,March Rs.54000/- (Per Month Rs.18000/-)
Total Rs.202000/-(Per Annum)
Late Payment of Fees
If the dues are not recieved with in due date, the cadet will be fined @ Rs.200/per Day up to 20 days. Thereafter he is liable to be withdrawn from the college.
Re-Admission if Approved will be made on payment of Rs.10,000/- in addition to the fine.


There is 10% increase in Tution Fee as well as messing charges on annual basis w.e.f April 2020.